The medium-term development strategy of IBEC for the period 2021–2025, in continuation of the successful transformation and modernization of the Bank that began in mid-2018, which led to a significant increase in indicators in the main areas of activity and an increase in the efficiency of IBEC, is focused on the principle of “growth for stability”.
IBEC Mission
Support economic prosperity of Member countries through interconnection of intra- and inter-regional trade operations and facilitation of financing projects that promote sustainable development goals
Strategic objectives of IBEC
Funding projects and companies that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on specific goals: Zero hunger; good health and wellbeing; industrialization, innovation and infrastructure; environmentally friendly cities and towns; fighting climate change.
Expanding financial and non-financial support for medium-sized businesses engaged in international trade.
Participation in international and local support programs in partnership with other institutions and government agencies.
IBEC Business Profile
Trade finance
Settlement transactions
Direct financing to support export-import operations of the Bank's member countries, including with third countries, as well as local trade operations
Client operations in the financial market
Resource base
The Bank maintains the volume of attracted funds in strict accordance with the dynamics of business development, paying particular attention to the stability of funding sources and the adequacy of their duration to the maturity of active operations.

Structure as of 31.12.2020 (EUR million):
Own funds - 317
Due to credit institutions - 287
Customer funds - 39
Debt securities issued - 134
Other liabilities - 31
Средства МФТР - 8
Country strategies
In addition to the Updated Strategy, country strategies have been developed for each of the member countries, defining the individual parameters of IBEC's work in each of them.
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